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Profile – Physical Therapist

Profile – Physical Therapist

Sara Stinson, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
St. Johnsbury, VT

Sara Stinson, native of the Danville, VT area, got to physical therapy in a roundabout way but feels she has found her niche.

“I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to be in health care; as a kid I worked in my Dad’s physical therapy clinic (Dan Wyand, PT, head of PT at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital),” she remarks, “But I started college at Northeastern University where I studied business for three years and finished my undergraduate degree in biology at UVM. Then I earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Franklin Pierce University.”

“When I was finishing my undergraduate work at UVM, I happened to get into a training program to be an assistant in ophthalmology at

[the UVM Medical Center] and I loved it. The clinical skills I gained there brought me back to physical therapy because I wanted to deal with the whole body and wellness approach.”

Sara completed the three-year program at Franklin Pierce and has worked at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital for two years in the Physical Therapy Department.

“I’m so glad I went into PT; I absolutely love it,” she enthuses. “I like working with people and dealing with the whole person, not just their diagnosis for physical therapy but what other things drive their injury. I love having people come in feeling 50% better at their next appointment and being able to help put them in a more tolerable pain range.”

The toughest part of her job?

“Addressing issues when people don’t want to make lifestyle changes and self-improvement commitments to feel better,” she admits.

That challenge does not diminish her enthusiasm for her career in PT.

“It’s easier to start a college career knowing you want to do PT, and it’s a good idea to spend time in a PT clinic to decide if this is right for you, plus you need to be a ‘people person,’” Sara advises.

Though she took the long way around, she is glad she ended up in health care and specifically, physical therapy.