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Audiologists are hearing experts. They work with patients to determine the nature or cause of a hearing problem and then find ways of addressing it. Audiologists perform hearing tests, fit people for hearing aids, and teach lip-reading. They also help people deal with inner ear and balancing difficulties and work to educate the public about noise pollution and ways of preventing hearing loss.

Salary Range: $50,490 – $113,540

Salary Notes: Experienced audiologists can earn up to $120,000 per year, depending upon the setting.

Where you can study:
Boston University [1], Boston, MA
Northeastern University [2], Boston, MA
Syracuse University [3], Syracuse, NY
University of Connecticut School of Medicine [4], Farmington, CT
University of Maine [5], Orono, ME
University of Massachusetts Amherst [6], Amherst, MA
University of Rhode Island [7], Kingston, RI
University of Vermont Dept. of Communication Sciences [8], Burlington, VT

Where you might work:
– Colleges and Universities – Home Health Agencies – Hospitals – Private Practice – Rehabilitation Centers – Research Facilities – School Systems – Speech and Hearing Clinics

Job Outlook: Our communities and workplaces are becoming increasingly noisy as we drive more, listen to louder music, and use more machines. The demand for audiologists is expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations through 2024.

Education, Licensing and Certification: Candidates for this profession should emphasize math and science in their high school and undergraduate choices. A master’s degree is required to become an audiologist in Vermont. Vermont also has a licensing requirement, as most other states do. Certification is available from ASHA (American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association).

Professional Organizations:
American Board of Audiology [9] 800-881-5410
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) [10] 800-638-8255
Vermont Speech-Language Hearing Association [11]