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Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapists (also known as Radiographers) are highly skilled medical specialists educated in physics, radiation safety, patient anatomy and patient care. They administer targeted doses of radiation to a patient’s body to treat cancer or other diseases. As the radiation strikes human tissue, it produces highly energized ions that gradually shrink and destroy malignant tumor cells.

Salary Range: $54,220 – $121,110

Salary Notes: The mean salary in Vermont is $88,500.

Where you can study:
Capitol Community College [1], Hartford, CT
Champlain College [2], Burlington, VT
Laboure College [3], Milton, MA
Gateway Community College [4], New Haven, CT
Maine College of Health Professions [5], Lewiston, ME
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences [6], Boston, Boston, MA
NHTI Concord’s Community College [7], Concord, NH
River Valley Community College [8], Claremont, NH
Southern Maine Community College [9], Portland, ME
Southern Vermont College [10], Bennington, VT
University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences [11], Burlington, VT

Where you might work:
– Community Hospitals – Medical Centers – Physician Offices – Private Clinics – Universities

Job Outlook: Employment of radiation therapists is projected to grow much faster than average through 2024.

Education, Licensing and Certification: Radiation therapists must be team players, have a good foundation in mathematics, biology, and computers, and be able to work with patients. Most states, including Vermont, require radiation therapists to be licensed in order to practice. Graduates of approved programs are eligible to take a national certifying examination. With additional education and training, graduates can become involved with dosimetry.

Professional Organizations:
American Society for Therapeutic Radiology Oncology [12] 703-502-1550
American Society of Radiologic Technologists [13] 800-444-2778
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology [14] 312-704-5300