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Epidemiologists work to understand the causes of disease and ways to prevent or control it. Understanding an epidemic means knowing how a given disease works inside the body, how it passes between people, and how it can move through a community. Epidemiologists also work to reduce or even prevent epidemics when they can. They use academic methods, such as statistics, demography and scientific research, as well as community-based approaches, such as vaccination programs and educational campaigns to help people stay healthy.

The University of Vermont offers online Certificates of Graduate Study in Public Health and Epidemiology and Masters in Public Health Degree programs.

Salary Range: $46,870 – $114,510

Salary Notes: Salary is dependent upon educational level and place of employment. The national median annual wage is $70,820.

Where you can study:
Boston University, [1] Boston, MA
Brown University [2], Providence, RI
Harvard University [3], Boston, MA
Tufts University School of Medicine [4], Boston, MA
University at Albany, SUNY, School of Public Health [5], Albany, NY
University of Massachusetts Amherst [6], Amherst, MA
University of Vermont College of Medicine [7], Burlington, VT
Yale University [8], New Haven, CT

Where you might work:
– Health Departments (Federal, State, Local) – Medical Corporations – Research Organizations – Universities

Job Outlook: Infectious diseases continue to pose a threat to public health and chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer have become more prevalent. Therefore, the demand for epidemiologists will grow about as fast as average.

Education, Licensing and Certification: Candidates for study in epidemiology should have a strong math and science focus in high school. Undergraduate study might include biology, microbiology, or public health, followed by a Master of Science program and/or a Ph.D. program in epidemiology. Another route is to earn a medical degree (M.D. or D.O.), followed by a Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology.

There are no graduate epidemiology programs available in Vermont or through the New England Regional Student Program. Schools in New England that do have such programs are listed above.

Professional Organizations:
American Public Health Association [9] 202-777-APHA
Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology [10] 202-789-1890
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists [11] 770-458-3811
International Clinical Epidemiology Network [12] 91-11-47730000-99
The Council on Education for Public Health [13] maintains an excellent website for students interested in undergraduate or graduate degrees in public health, including which schools are accredited. 202-789-1050