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Profile – EMT

Profile – EMT

Colleen M. Nesto, EMT-I ’03
Essex Rescue
Essex Junction, Vermont

Colleen grew up in a family where everyone was involved in Emergency Services. This spiked her interest in the field. As a child she remembers hearing her father’s fire department pager going off and then rushing to the door. Until now she never understood what was so exciting that he continually would drop whatever he was doing for someone else. Colleen’s father’s devotion to the fire service inspired her to choose this career path. She started as a volunteer at the age of sixteen in the fire service. Over time, working with rescue on emergency scenes introduced Colleen to a whole different side of emergency services, with which she fell in love.

Colleen couldn’t wait until her 18th birthday when she could officially join Essex Rescue as a volunteer. While a volunteer with Essex Rescue she was trained as an EMT-B, EMT-I and Crew Captain all before the age of twenty-one. Colleen quickly decided that she wanted to make a career of EMS and was hired as a full-time employee.

During her shifts at Essex Rescue, she and her crews respond to 911 calls in the five communities service area. When not responding to calls Colleen has administrative duties such as data entry and filing run reports. She is responsible for training new members, public education, and daily crew responsibilities. Colleen works with a volunteer crew that consists of approximately three volunteers per shift. She enjoys working with the volunteers who are there not for the pay but to give back to their communities. Colleen works three, twelve hour shifts per week which includes occasional holidays and weekends.

The part Colleen likes most about her job is being there for people when they are in a time of need. This line of work is fast-paced, challenging and is never the same.

“The feeling of knowing you can help is more than gratifying. This line of work has its difficult moments,” however, it is also extremely rewarding. “Those times make up for the difficult times. Essex Rescue has given me more opportunity in my life than I ever dreamed possible at my young age.”