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Profile – Dental Assistant


Nichole DeGoosh
Dental Assistant
Northern Counties Dental Center
Hardwick, VT

It might have been a community service project in high school, or the fact that she just likes to help people, but Nichole DeGoosh knows she is in the right field as a dental assistant.

“I did a community service project working with young people who have cystic fibrosis and I liked that,” she recalls. “I decided I wanted to go into the medical field so I thought I’d do dental assisting for a year and apply to dental hygiene school.”

Nichole entered the year-long dental assistant program at the Center for Technology in Essex and did her internship for that course at Northern Counties, where she works now.

What are some of the qualities Nichole has used to be a good dental assistant?

“Well, you need to be patient with the patients, and like people,” she notes. “I would also say, take the chance to go to school for training. You can get training on the job to be a dental assistant but I am glad I took the school program,” Nichole remarks. “It makes me feel more confident. It’s a good field to go into,” she adds.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing we’ve accomplished something to make the patient happy, and I’ve absolutely loved it here – everyone is friendly and energetic, so it makes a great environment.”

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